Easily & Securely

Custom Crypto Wallet Solution for Games

Playerwizz crypto wallet is a product specially designed to provide payment transactions in games and secure storage of crypto assets in Web3 projects. This wallet has features to help you easily transfer funds between games, store your crypto assets securely and further enhance your gaming experience.

User-Friendly Interface

You can manage your crypto assets quickly and easily.

  • Cryptocurrency Transfer: You can easily transfer cryptocurrencies between games.
  • Secure Asset Storage: Your crypto assets are securely stored in the wallet.
  • In-Game Payments: You can easily make in-game payments within the games.
  • Winning Prizes: The rewards you earn in the games are securely stored in the wallet.
Our Features

PlayerWizz provides these features for the needs for NFT users and to further popularize NFT technology.

  • Matched Games: The Wallet app can integrate with games so you can easily transfer money, identity and items between games which are compatible with each other.
  • Personal Profile: Through the Wallet app, you can create your personal profiles and easily share them to your crypto assets between games.
  • User Community: The Wallet app allows to form a community among players and allows them to interact easily between games.
Key Features

Our Key Features


NFT Management

Users can easily manage their NFTs and transfer NFTs between themselves via the wallet app.


NFT Portfolio

Users can create NFT portfolios and track the values of NFTs through the wallet app.


NFT Buying and Selling

Users can easily buy and sell NFTs through the wallet app.


NFT Valuation

The Wallet application can help users keep track of the values of their NFTs and can instantly report changes in the NFT markets.


NFT Database

The Wallet application can provide detailed information about NFTs and allows you to exchange NFTs with others easily.


NFT Gallery

The Wallet app allows users to showcase and share their NFT collections.